Leadership Team

The Leadership Team, which includes the Chief Executive and the Directors, are responsible for managing the Group’s activities on a day to day basis in a manner that is consistent with the objectives, guidance and powers delegated to them by the Board of Management.

Chief Executive: Shan Lloyd Williams

Main responsibilities: leading and managing the business of the group, supporting the Board of Management, acting as ambassador and promoting the work of the organisation

Group Director of Resources: Bryn Ellis Main responsibilities: business planning, relations with lenders, financial management, information technology, human resources, and internal audit

Head of Finance: Nia Owen

Main responsibilities: financial resources, loans portfolio, statutory accounts, treasury management

Head of Neighbourhoods: Noela Jones

Main responsibilities: housing operations, landlord services, tenant participation

Read the Pay Transparency report by CHC here.

Rural Housing Enablers »

There is concern in many rural areas about the economic and cultural effects because of the shortage of affordable homes for young people and key workers.

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Are you sure you are receiving the correct amount of benefit to which you are entitled? We've summarised the main benefits available in this section, if you are unsure about any aspect, please contact us.

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We always aim to provide excellent services, but we can’t do this without knowing what you think we do well and where we need to improve.

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